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Gankoyama Master Tree House Master School and Group Trip Yoga

Gankoyama Master : Course for japanese forestry survival skills

On the Gankoyama Master tour, you can learn about Japanese forest culture while you enjoy various activities like making a handicraft, learning rope tying and cooking in a wood-fired oven. You can also pick edible wild plants and mushrooms and cook organic forest food. This tour is highly recommended for people who want to learn about Japanese-style sustainable forest life and natural survival skills for a weekend.

Includes :
  • Pick up and drop off if required
  • 3 meals (dinner, breakfast and lunch)
  • Accommodation in a tree house
  • Learn about renewable energy used at Gankoyama
  • Cooking pizza in a wood fire oven
  • Rope / knot tying class and handicraft (making a bow and arrow/or a small piece of furniture) N.B. Making a piece of furniture will cost an extra \500.
  • Other activities like wood chopping, mountain biking, tree climbing, forest walks etc.
  • Seasonal activities available only at certain times of the year (e.g. watching fire flies, seeing cherry blossoms, mushroom + bug collecting etc.)
Price :
  • 10, 000 yen per person
  • 16, 500 yen per family - 1 adult + 1 child
  • 20, 000 yen per family - 2 parents + 1 child
N.B. Pick up and drop off are at Highway Oasis Furari bus stop or at JR Iwai Train Station
Payment for tours can ONLY be made in CASH. Credit cards can NOT be used at Gankoyama.
Some activities may be cancelled or changed due to bad weather.

Sample Schedule :
- 1st Day -
11:00 Meet at Highway Oasis Furari bus stop
11:30 Arrive at Gankoyama (orientation and free time)
12:00 Lunch ( N.B. This meal will not be provided so everyone will need to bring their OWN lunch )
13:00 Rope class & Tree climbing & Free time
16:00 Wood chopping
16:30 Start cooking dinner (everyone will make dinner together)
17:30 Dinner - Camp fire

- 2nd Day -
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Handicraft
11:00 Make pizza for lunch (everyone will make lunch together)
13:30 Free time
15:30 Drop off at Highway Oasis Furari
Activities :
Bow and arrow
Make your own bow and arrow (Handicraft)
This activity is very popular with males and children. Create your own bow and arrow from bamboo. Who can shoot their arrow the furthest? It is very simple to make but fun for everyone. You can also make a small piece of furniture. (N.B. Furniture option will cost an extra 500 yen.)
Rope class
Rope class
You can learn various ways to tie rope so that you can make a swing, hammock, washing line or lifeline. These skills are not only for outdoor leisure activities but also for emergencies.

Wood Chopping
Wood chopping
This is something which you probably do not experience in your evey day life in Japan. It is very popular with adults. All meals at Gankoyama are cooked with the wood we chop ourselves.
Pizza Gankoyama
Cooking lunch in a wood fire stove
We have a wood fire stove which is made from an old oil drum. You make a fire in it using the wood which you have chopped with our axe. This stove is simple but very powerful and cooks very good pizza or roast vegetables.

Bamboo shoot
Edible wild plants and mushroom picking
Shiitake mushrooms, Bracken, Udo, bamboo shoots, wild asparagus, etc. You learn about edible wild plants and mushrooms while you eat them.
Sleeping in a hammock
You can read or sleep in a hammock in the forest in your free time. It is guaranteed to make you feel refreshed.

Tree climbing
Tree climbing
Gankoyama is surrounded by trees you can climb. You do not use any special equipment when you climb trees at Gankoyama. You only use a rope and stick which is the traditional Japanese way to climb trees.
sleeping in a tree house
Sleeping in a tree house
Gankoyama is not a camping area; you sleep in a comfortable tree house. Our tree houses are actually designed to be lived in. They all have privacy and lights in the rooms. You can even recharge your digital camera battery there. You can bring your own sleeping bag or if you do not have one, you can borrow one of ours.

Renewable energy
Learn about the renewable energy used at Gankoyama
Gankoyama only uses renewable energy which is generated by its own solor panels and windmill. We explain how our solar panels and windmill works to all of our visitors.

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