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Location and how to access Gankoyama

Gankoyama is located in the south of Chiba prefecture, Japan. Southern Chiba is generally warm throughout the year and there are a lot of places where you can do marine sports such as surfing and sea kayaking around Gankoyama. Mt. Nokogiri Yama is another place around Gankoyama (near the Kanaya Ferry Port) which has breathtaking scenery.

You can get to Gankoyama by using either public transport or a car (see below). If you use public transport, we can only pick you up at the Highway Oasis Furai bus stop or the JR Iwai train station. The pick up times are listed below.
  1. Highway Bus (From Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba)
  2. JR train (From Chiba)
  3. Ferry + JR train (From Kurihama, Yokohama area)
- Pick Up Times -
11:17 at the train station (JR Iwai)
10:43 at the bus stop (Highway Oasis Furari)

1. Highway Bus (From Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba)

Tokyo to Highway Oasis Furari

Please get off at the [Highway Oasis Furari] bus stop. We will be waiting to pick you up there. One way ticket: 2,100 yen

Highway Bus
Tokyo Stn. ---> Highway Oasis Furari (Everyday)
Tokyo StnDep7:208:209:209:5010:2011:2011:5012:5013:2014:2014:50
Highway Oasis FurariArr8:539:4310:4311:2311:4312:4313:2314:2314:4315:4316:23

Highway Oasis Furari ---> Tokyo Stn. (Everyday)
Highway Oasis FurariDep9:5510:2510:5511:2512:2513:2513:5514:2514:5515:5516:55
Tokyo StnArr11:2611:4612:2612:5813:4614:5815:2615:5816:2617:2618:26

Chiba to Highway Oasis Furari

Please get off at the [Highway Oasis Furari] bus stop. We will waiting to pick you up there. One way ticket: 1,450 yen

Nitto Kotsu
Chiba Minato Stn. ---> Highway Oasis Furari (Everyday)
Chiba Minato StnDep8:3210:02
Chiba StnDep8:4510:15
Highway Oasis FurariArr9:5911:29

Highway Oasis Furari ---> Chiba. (Everyday)
Highway Oasis FurariDep14:5215:2216:42
Chiba StnArr16:1816:4818:08
Chiba Minato StnArr16:2816:5818:18

Yokohama to Highway Oasis Furari

Please get off at the [Highway Oasis Furari] bus stop. We will be waiting there to pick you up. One way ticket: 2,350 yen (1,180yen for children)

Nitto Kotsu
Yokohama Stn. ---> Highway Oasis Furari (Everyday)
Yokohama StnDep9:0010:0012:0014:1516:15
Haneda Airport Terminal 2Dep--12:3014:45-
Haneda Airport Terminal 1Dep--12:3514:50-
Highway Oasis FurariArr10:2511:2013:4015:5517:40

Highway Oasis Furari ---> Haneda Airport & Yokohama Stn. (Everyday)
Highway Oasis FurariDep9:3512:0513:3515:3517:35
Haneda Airport Terminal 1Arr10:3513:05---
Haneda Airport Terminal 2Arr10:4013:10---
Yokohama StnArr11:1013:4014:5516:5518:55

2. JR Train

Pick up place is JR Uchibo line Iwai station

Tokyo to Iwai

Tokyo ---> Iwai (Everyday)
Tokyo to Kimitsu
(Yokosuka- Sobu Line underground platform)
8:54 - 10:24
Change Train
at Kimitsu
Kimitsu to Iwai
(JR Uchibo Line bound for Tateyama)
10:36 - 11:17

3. Ferry + JR train (From Kurihama, Yokohama area)

Kurihama to Kanaya

There are 2 different timetables depending on which day you catch the ferry. You need to check the Tokyo Wan Ferry web site to see which timetable will be used on the day you go. Otherwise, you just need to get to the ferry port before 9 a.m. to make sure you catch the right ferry.
Once you arrive at the Kanaya ferry port, walk to JR Hamakanya station (about 10 min) and catch the JR Uchibo line to get to JR Iwai where we can pick you up.

Kurihama ---> Kanaya (Timetable for 2 ferries)
Tokyo Wan ferry
Kurihama ---> Kanaya (Timetable for 3 feries)
Tokyo Wan ferry

Kanaya to JR Iwai

From the Kanaya ferry port, you can walk to JR Hamakanaya Station (about 10min) and then catch the train to Iwai where we will pick you up.

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